Annual Meeting Minutes - 2005



The Stockholders of Portland Mills Cemetery held their annual meeting on June 6, 2005, at the Portland Mills Christian Church.


Change of Address


The new address changes have been made to the mailing list. There are still 10 addresses that are coming back. They have been removed from the mailing list until we get a new address for them.  If there are any address changes, please notify Carolyn by mail or phone.


                Carolyn Smith Collins, Pres.

                1039 Summerset Drive

                Rockville, IN 47872

                Phone - 765-569-0230


The names that were removed are the following-

  • Mike Grimes
  • Waneta Cosler
  • Betty Hamilton
  • Eileen Freeland
  • Chester Jarvis
  • Claude Hazlett
  • William Sauter
  • Charlotte Reichard
  • Robert E. Morris
  • William Porter
  • Harold Pyle


If anyone knows the addresses of any of the above names, please contact Carolyn Smith Collins at the above address or phone number.


Cemetery Information


The minutes were read by Cy Harbison and they were approved.  The Treasurer’s report was given by Don Roberts.


                Endowment           $61,100.00

                Checking               $14,212.81


There was a discussion on the condition of the trees. One was damaged by a storm and will be replaced. A Thank You to Harold Thomas for taking such good care of the cemetery grounds.


The election of officers was held. Carolyn Smith Collins,  President, and Cy Harbison,  Secretary, were elected to continue on with their offices.


The newsletter will continue to be sent after the annual meeting each year. Thank you to Janet Spencer Barr for doing that .


David Marrero, Grandson of Clyde and Cecil Spencer and son of Pat Spencer Marrero, has volunteered to  put the Portland Mills Cemetery information on the computer. This will be useful information for anyone  who has an interest in finding who is buried there and where, within the cemetery, a person is buried.   When this project is completed we will notify the stockholders. We thank David for undertaking this job.


Removal dates of decorations in the cemetery


The Christmas decorations by March 1

Easter/Memorial Day decorations by Labor Day


Request for Donations


We do not make money from the sale of lots, we make money from donations. Endowment fund money is not used, we just have the interest from that fund to use for operating costs. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTABLE.



Burials for the year of 2005


Judith Cole                            September 16

Susan Lynn French             October 5

Ida McCutchan                    October 16

Annice Sneath                      December 9

Mary E. Mosteller                January 5

Joe Hazlett                             May 29


Next Meeting


The next Stockholders meeting will be June 5, 2006.

Please plan to attend!




President: Carolyn Smith Collins

Vice President: Dan Harbison

Secretary: Cy Harbison

Treasurer: Don Roberts

Grounds Keeper: Harold Thomas