JUNE 5, 2006



The Stockholders of Portland Mills Cemetery held their annual meeting on June 5, 2006, at the Portland Mills Christian Church. The calendar year for the Portland Mills Cemetery is from June 1 to June 1.


President, Carolyn Collins, called the meeting to order. The minutes were read by Secretary Cy Harbison and were approved. The Treasurer’s Report was given by Treasurer Don Roberts and approved. The balance in the checkbook is $9001.75.




David Marrero has put the cemetery records on the Internet. We thank David very much for all of his work on this project. You can now access the information on the cemetery at the following web site.




David also said that he would appreciate any family information of those buried at Portland. When you go on the web site, at the left you will see ’Contact Me’  where you can click and email David if you have any information to share with him. Also, if after going through the history of your family,  you see that the birth date is missing, or any other information, please contact David so that he can put that with the history of that person. When you go to the web site, you will see options that you can click on. Among the options are ‘The Veterans’, which shows all veterans buried at Portland, and ‘Full Location List’ which when clicked on will reveal to the far right, a camera. Click on the camera and it will show the stone for that person. We think everyone will appreciate this ability to now follow the Portland Mills Cemetery via the Internet.


There is a mole problem on the grounds and it was discussed on how to get rid of them. Cy will check into insecticide to spray in the areas to get rid of the insects, which attract the moles.


The driveway was sealed this past year and it looks really nice.


Thanks again to Harold Thomas who keeps the cemetery grounds in excellent condition.




Stone restoration was discussed for the old stones. Some stones may be leaning and need repair. If family is able, they need to keep the stones in repair.


There is a Potters Field in the old cemetery. The records show one burial there.


We have one unmarked grave. The family has been notified that they need to place a stone soon. All graves at Portland Mills Cemetery are to be marked with a stone.


Burying the ashes of the Cremated was discussed. Two people can be buried in one bed as long as there is room for a stone. The graves of the cremated will have to be marked by a stone as well.


Those who have Veteran’s Plaques are ask to have the plaques placed on the stone instead of the ground. This is for ease in mowing and not nicking the plaque with the mower.


The amount of $5000 was placed in our Endowment Account this past year. This brings the total of the Endowment to $66,000. The only money used off the Endowment is the interest each year.


All donations to the cemetery are appreciated. Please send donations to Don Roberts, 6839 North Basswood St., Terre Haute, IN 47805. In lieu of flowers, $525 was given to the cemetery in Memory of Mary Smith. The donations are tax deductible.


People who were buried at Portland Mills Cemetery the past year are:


            Virginia Porter Elia                 June 23, 2005

            Thomas Haire                          November 5, 2005

            Mary E. Smith                         February 9, 2006

            Mary Ella Porter Spencer        March 22, 2006


There was an election of officers for a 2-year term. They are


            Dan Harbison     - Vice President

            Don Roberts      - Treasurer

            Harold Thomas - Grounds Manager




The next meeting will be June 4, 2007.


The meeting was adjourned.




President            Carolyn Smith Collins                      Treasurer              Don Roberts

Vice President    Dan Harbison                                  Grounds Keeper   Harold Thomas

Secretary            Cy Harbison