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Association Minutes - 2010

Portland Mills Cemetery Newsletter


The annual meeting for stockholders of Portland Mills Cemetery  was held on June 7, 2010. The meeting  was  called to order by Vice President, Dan Harbison.

Cy Harbison, Secretary, read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

Don Roberts, Treasure, read the treasures report. The report was approved as read.


            Expenses         $5,949.83


            Income            $2,742.61


            Bank Balance  $9,039.48       


            CD’s                $66,000.00


The Bradford Pear trees along the road  were damaged in a storm. They all had to be removed. Six new trees were planted to replace them. They are Red Oak and Hard Maple. The total cost for the trees and the labor to plant them was $2,205.  If anyone would like to pay for one or more of the trees, contact Cy Harbison,  9405  E 100 N, Rockville, IN 47872, or you can call him at 765-344-2130.   One tree is $300 and you can buy a marker in memory of a loved one that would be placed at the base of the tree. The marker is $200.


Harold reported that areas of the cemetery need mulched.  He will get the mulch and put it down. He also reported that the blacktop drive throughout the cemetery has cracks in it and, therefore, grass grows up through the cracks. The board is going to investigate the situation and make a decision as to whether to hire someone to fill the cracks and seal the blacktop at the same time. It was determined that it would probably be more economical to pay to have the job done. The last time the blacktop was sealed was in 2006.


We would like to remind everyone to check out the Portland Mills Cemetery website.  You will find it at It has everyone listed that is buried there and the Veterans are listed there as well. Thank you to David Marrero for this website.  He updates it regularly with the burials from year to year.


There were 5 burials from June 2009 to June 2010.


Maurice Coleman                    August 25, 2009


Robert E. Morris                     December 25, 2009


Donald E. Grimes                    January 6, 2010


Joyce B. Ramsay Kirkland       January 12. 2009 (Her Ashes were buried April 24, 2010)


Daniel Lee Barron                   May 8, 2010



If you are interested in sending a donation to the cemetery, you can send it to Don Roberts, 6839 North Basswood St., Terre Haute, IN 47805.  The donations are tax deductable.  


An election was held for the offices of Vice President, Treasure and Grounds Keeper.  Reelected   to their current offices were Vice President Dan Harbison, Treasure Don Roberts and Grounds Keeper, Harold Thomas.


If your address changes, please contact Carolyn Smith Collins,  Cy Harbison or Don Roberts. Their addresses are in this newsletter.  It is costly when mail is returned. 


The next shareholders meeting will be on Monday, June 6, 2011, at 2 p.m.


The meeting  was adjourned.






President                     Carolyn Smith Collins – 765-569-0230


Vice President             Dan Harbison


Secretary                     Cy Harbison


Treasure                      Don Roberts


Grounds Keeper          Harold Thomas

                                    Stephanie Wrightsman  












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