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Portland Mills Assoc Minutes 2012


The annual meeting of stockholders of Portland Mills Cemetery was held on June 4, 2012. President, Carolyn Smith Collins, called the meeting to order.

Cy Harbison, Secretary, read the minutes from the last meeting, June 6, 2011. There was one correction to the minutes. The dues for the Farm Bureau should have been $32.50. Otherwise, they were approved as read.

Don Roberts, Treasure, gave the treasures report.

   Expenses                  $  6,797.63                 

   Income                     $  4,764.63

   Endowment              $66,000.00

Check book balance    $  9,652.99

Report stands as read.

New Business

Many compliments have been made of how nice the cemetery looks. There is still a problem with moles, they have moved to another area in the cemetery. Harold is going to try something new on the ground in hopes of taking care of them.

Don Roberts reported that donations are down. Donations made to the cemetery are used, along with interest on the Endowment, to cover expenses incurred for the up keep of the cemetery. The beauty of the cemetery takes a lot of work and expense to make and keep it that way. There are times when trees need to be replaced, mulching, mowing/trimming, repairs and flowers in the common areas. The Endowment is there, as a foundation for years to come should there be an emergency situation. We DO NOT use that money, just the interest from it. With the interest so low, it does not generate as much interest for us to use for expenses. You can remember Portland Mills Cemetery in your Will. Donations are tax deductable.  Please consider a donation to the cemetery and send it to Don Roberts, 6839 Basswood Street, Terre Haute, IN 47805.

There was much discussion on what we can do to get more people involved in the business of the cemetery. Over 100 cards are sent out each year and there are never more than 15 people who attend. It is mostly the same people each year. We are considering changing the day of the meeting to a weekend day, preferably Sunday afternoon. As we all know, times have changed since the first Monday in June was set as the date for the meeting. We would appreciate feedback from all of you giving your opinions on what would help to get more interest in the business of Portland Mills Cemetery. You can either write to Carolyn Smith Collins, 1039 Summerset Dr., Rockville, IN 47872, or email Janet Spencer Barr at This is a serious situation and we hope all of you will show an interest in the cemetery by attending the meeting each year. Let us know what you think. We will take up the possibility of changing the meeting day at the meeting in 2013.  Would this help you?

Old Business

Don gave a report for Harold, who could not be at the meeting, that the mower is working great. As a reminder, Harold has to mow around the stones, so it is asked that everyone take this into consideration when decorating the graves.  Check your lot deed for the rules.  Harold will be putting down mulch soon.

Cy gave a report on those buried this past year. Their names and death dates are listed below.

November 18, 2011     George Van Hook

November 11, 2011     Rosemary Coleman

January            21, 2012          Helen Barker

January 23, 2012         Lance Lee Pefley

February 25, 2012       Vivien Van Huss Spencer

March 6, 2012             Ruth Smiley

March 14, 2012                       Helen F. Rivers

Elections were held and Dan Harbison was re- elected to Vice President, Don Roberts was re-elected to Treasurer, and Harold Thomas was re-elected as Grounds Keeper. These elections are for 2-year terms.

 You can access the Portland Mills Cemetery by going to Thank you, David Marrero, for managing the website. If you find any information that is not correct, contact David. If there is any information that can be added to our Veterans page, please let us know.

The next meeting will be held at the Portland Mills Christian Church on June 3, 2013, at 2 p.m. Please plan to attend. Let us all help to make and keep our cemetery the beautiful garden that it is with our attendance at the annual meeting and with our donations.

The meeting was adjourned.


President                      Carolyn Smith Collins – 765-592-5205

Vice President              Dan Harbison

Secretary                      Cy Harbison

Treasurer                     Don Roberts

Grounds Keeper          Harold Thomas

                                    Stephanie Wrightsman



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