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Portland Mills Assoc Minutes 2012

Portland Mills Cemetery Newsletter

The annual meeting of stockholders of Portland Mills Cemetery was held on June 3, 2013. President, Carolyn Smith Collins called the meeting to order.


Cy Harbison, Secretary, read the minutes from the last meeting, June 4, 2012. The minutes were approved as read.


Don Roberts, Treasure, gave the treasures report.


   Expenses             $2,548.66

   Income                $2,517.88


   Balance on hand    $9,612.21


   Endowment          $66,000


The report stands as read.


New Business


Virginia Van Hook sent a note of appreciation and thanks for the upkeep of the cemetery and the newsletter.


Cy reported that two young trees have died. Harbison Farms has replaced one. A motion was made to replace the other tree in the fall. If anyone would like to donate a tree, it will be appreciated.


There was a discussion on trimming the Bradford Pear trees to prolong the life of the trees. Harold is checking on the expense of doing that.


Some work needs to be done on Seceder, the old cemetery. Cy has some ideas on how to proceed.


Cy gave a report on those buried this past year.


   Marjorie M. Hopkins   September 21, 2012

   Ruth E. Pyle                January 3, 2013

   Mike L. Smith             January 18, 2013

   Helen Louise Hazlette   March 1, 2013

   Charles R. Porter         May 10, 2013           


Old Business


There was a discussion on changing the meeting day from Monday to a weekend day. At this time, we will still be meeting on the first Monday in June. An interesting fact? This tradition was started in 1898.


Decorating the graves has become a problem. After much discussion, it was decided the  Rules and Regulations on the upkeep of the cemetery grounds must be followed. If you do not have a copy, you can go to web site to read the rules. Rule No. 2 and Rule No. 6 give the guidelines to decorating the graves. You cannot plant or cultivate trees, shrubs or plants on the lots without permission of the Directors. You cannot have any structures whatever or any inscriptions to be placed in or upon any lot, which shall be determined by the Directors to be offensive or improper.


All graves that have not followed the rules and regulations have until July 15, 2013, to remove the excessive decorations and/or planted scrubs and plants. After July 15, 2013, any excessive decorations or plants that have not been removed will be removed. From July 15, 2013 forward, any excessive decorations or plants will be removed immediately.


All Shepherd Crooks with hanging plants may be used as long as they are up against the foundation of the grave so that it does not interfere with the mowing and weed eating. All plants must be watered and maintained by the person who puts a Shepherd Crook up.


Seasonal decorations must be removed according to the following schedule:


   Christmas decorations by February 1.

   Memorial decorations by July 1

   July 4th decorations by September 1

   Fall decorations by December 1


The Rules and Regulations must be obeyed. When they are not, the excessive decorations and plants/shrubs will be removed. The deadlines for seasonal decorations will be upheld.


Harold reported that he cleared back all of the wooded edges of the cemetery to make it easier to mow. The mower is working great. He bought a new weed eater.


Please consider making a donation to the cemetery. We operate with interest earned and donations. The donations are tax deductable and payable to Don Roberts, Treasure, 6839 Basswood Street, Terre Haute, IN 47805.


Cy announced that he is retiring from the Board. Cy works many hours for the cemetery and we Thank you for your dedication. With the help of Dan, he will still sell lots and oversee the grave preperations.


Elections were held. Carolyn Smith Collins was re-elected as President and Janet Spencer Barr was elected     Secretary for 2-year terms.


You can access the Portland Mills Cemetery by going to 


The next meeting will be June 2, 2014, at 2 p.m.   The meeting was adjourned.




President             Carolyn Smith Collins – 765.592.5205


Vice President     Dan Harbison


Secretary             Janet Spencer Barr


Treasurer            Don Roberts


Grounds Keeper   Harold Thomas and Stephanie Wrightsman








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