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Portland Mills Cemetery Newsletter

The annual meeting of stockholders of Portland Mills Cemetery was held on June 2, 2014. President, Carolyn Smith Collins called the meeting to order.

Janet Spencer Barr, Secretary, read the minutes from the last meeting, June 3, 2013. The minutes were approved as read.

Don Roberts, Treasure, gave the treasures report.

Expenses                             $  2,949.86

Income                                 $  3,447.90

Endowment                       $66,000.00


The report stands as read.


New Business  


 A discussion was held on raising the price of the cemetery burial lots. A motion was made  and carried to raise the price of 1 bed to $100 each. A lot of 6 beds will now be $600.


It was noted that Janet had copied to the computer the cemetery information. The Sales and Transfers of Lots, The Burial information from 1898 to present, Directors Minutes and the Stockholders Meeting minutes. A copy of each is now in archival folders. Plus,  a folder of all information on the Cemetery from its founding in 1898 has been put together.


Listed below are those who were buried in the cemetery since our meeting last year.


Mary Lou Thomas                            June 13, 2013

James W. Hazlett                             August 17, 2013

William J. Berry                                 September 12, 2013

Grace Mary Humphreys                                October 10, 2013

Kenneth L. Ramsay                         October 28, 2013

Dorothy Martin                                 May 26, 2014


Old Business


The cemetery grounds, trees and mulching look great.  All agreed that the Cemetery is  beautiful.


Harold shared some of the issues he is having with the mower. He is going to change the fuel filter and put on new mower deck wheels and thinks that will solve the issues.


He has put down a product called Mole Relief for the mole problems.


He is going to purchase a product and fill the cracks in the blacktop throughout the cemetery. A motion was made and carried for him to purchase the supplies he needs.


He is going to use fill dirt and fill in some low spots over some of the graves.


Donations are appreciated and encouraged. The Endowment is  never used  for the upkeep of the cemetery. It is a foundation for years to come should there by an emergency situation. All expenses that we have are paid from interest earned, which right now is very low, and donations and sales of lots. It does take money to keep the grounds in such good condition. The donations are tax deductable and can be made to Don Roberts, Treasure, 6839 Basswood Street, Terre Haute, IN 47805.


Elections were held. Harold Thomas, Grounds Keeper and Don Roberts, Treasure,  were re-elected  for 2 year terms.


The next Stockholders Meeting will be held on June 1, 2015, at 2 p.m.   Please plan to attend.


The meeting was adjourned.


President                            Carolyn Smith Collins – 765.592.5205


Vice President                   Dan Harbison


Secretary                             Janet Spencer Barr


Treasurer                            Don Roberts


Grounds Keeper              Harold Thomas  









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