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Last update: 2021-06-28

This site collects images for graves, and other images related to those buried in the cemetery.

Veteran Images

Beginning in June-2021, the site began collecting and displaying images of veterans in uniform. If you wish to submit a photo of an ancestor in uniform buried in Portland Mills Cemetery, feel free to send the photo by email to david@dmarrero.com. These images are displayed on the Veterans Gallery page.

Personal Images

In addition to the gravestone image, it is also possible to display a photo of the deceased in the detail window that is displayed when a grave link is clicked on. This may be a different photo than that submitted for the Veterans Gallery (above). The personal image size is displayed as approximately 300 pixels high by 240 pixels wide, although any size image may be submitted. Submit images to david@dmarrero.com.

Gravestone Images

Every effort is made to collect at least one photo of each gravestone. These images are normally displayed at 1000 pixels wide or high - whichever is longer.

There are cases where photos are missing for the following reasons:

There are also cases where an gravestone has been updated, with a new date, and that information has not been received yet.

If you are aware of a gravestone that needs an image linked to it, feel free to let us know at david@dmarrero.com

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